Friday, September 18 - Kodiak Island, Alaska

 We docked at Kodiak in time to meet our 8:15 tour to Ft. Abercrombie State Park. What a great place! Our driver gave a running commentary as we went past the fishing harbour and numerous canning factories that are the economic engine of this area. At the park he pointed out many kinds of plants and trees, and we climbed through the forest to points overlooking the shore and water. 
We didn’t see much wildlife: a nuthatch, some ducks, seagulls and a bald eagle, 
but we heard some good bear stories. The World War II batteries at the high point of our hike revealed a part of history with which I was unfamiliar – the Japanese occupation of some of the other Aleutian Islands. Larry was fascinated by the military museum that is now in one of the bunkers, especially the communications electronics part of it. Back in town we visited a small museum in an old Russian building, and learned about the presence of Russia here in early times, as well as the earthquake and tsunami that nearly obliterated Kodiak in the 1960s. Back on board we enjoyed a late lunch and some relaxation
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