Thursday October 1 - At Sea

The captain let us know that we were travelling at full speed because we were moving into a major storm and would need to slow down. For most of the day it was fine, but gradually got rougher as the day progressed. We enjoyed the usual round of entertainment and good food, including the final round of team trivia
It was not as tough a round as the day before, but we still missed several questions, coming second for the day, and also second over-all, beating out the H-Bomb in the end, but not able to overtake the OddBalls. The other 9 teams were really never in contention, but they sure sounded like they had fun too. We really had a great time with this contest, and perhaps best, Cathy, Larry and I got to know 5 other people quite well. They were a varied group and a great team. We were warned in the evening that the ship was moving into very stormy waters, and that was very evident by the time we sat down to dinner. Lots of rolling and lurching that continued all night.
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