Saturday & Sunday, 26-27 September - At Sea

A couple of days at sea on the way to Kushiro. They do a great job of keeping us entertained. Besides the usual eating, bingo, trivia, we toured the navigational bridge and learned a lot about how they run a ship like this. I had a wonderful massage with Katie, who definitely has magic hands. There was a delicious & fun pub lunch, with singalong. Our Sunday church service included “Go Now in Peace”, our signature benediction. We normally sing it at the end of every trip, but decided that this worship service was a good time to do it. Only 5 of the 8 of us knew it, so we had a practice session ahead of time. Then our music didn’t work so it was a cappella. The musical entertainment, a piano concert by Hyperion Knight was excellent. Sunday night was a game of Liars’ Club. I went alone, and enjoyed that while everyone else in our group turned in. We continue to set back our clocks every night. I think we’re now 12 hours different from home, and I think that’s where we’ll be until we leave Japan. I’m writing this at 4:45 am because we’ll soon be cut off the internet as we are entering Japanese waters and they don’t allow us access. I may not get this posted before it goes down, but I’ll try. We’ll be on tour today, then at sea again.
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